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Let'z Focus AM-Dram course £560

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​​​​Are you a positive, Uplifting, inspiring or funny creative that desires to move forward in your creative platform?

Do you want to get a paid featured or main cast acting roles? If the answer is yes, please sign up to our on-line

Let'z Focus creative AM- Dram course where you will get the paid acting role and on-screen credit you deserve. We work with some of the best TV networks in the world. Our aim is to help creative's fill the universe with positive, inspiring, uplifting, educational & funny media, music & TV content. Content of a rude,sexual or explicit nature is not permitted.

AM-Dram course break down

- Creative's will need to attend eight 30 minuet on-line Let'z Focus creative AM-Dram lesson, which is spread across eight weeks.

- You may take the Let'z Focus creative Am-Dram course in your own time to fit around your lifestyle

- The course must be completed within eight weeks from the date your full course payment was received by

the Let'z Focus accounts team. Let'z Focus admin team will notify you of your received payment and course details via email

- Each on-line 30 minuet Let'z Focus creative AM-Dram lesson cost £70 per lesson which is paid on-line and is non refundable

- The Let'z Focus creative AM-Dram course  must be paid in full £560 for eight lessons before your first lesson can be booked 

- If for any reason you need to cancel your Let'z Focus creative AM-Dram lesson, please notify us, emailing 48 hours before your arranged lesson. Failure to cancel within the given time frame will result in a missed non-refundable lesson or at the Let'z Focus admin teams discretion 

- You must attend at least seven lessons to before you take the Let'z Focus AM-Dram exam 

- The course exam consists of an on-line practical acting exam where you must memorise a scrip - at least five minuets of lines in character. This will be recorded via an on line video platform. 

- You may take the test as many times as you require until you pass the test, however the test must be taken and past within three months of the course start date. You will be issued a Let'z Focus AM-Dram certificate.

We guarantee a 100% pass if you follow the Let'z Focus  guidelines.

- The Let'z Focus AM-Dram course aim's to equip artist's with the tools they need to move forward in their 

on & off screen creative platform.

- Once the creative's have completed the Let'z Focus AM-Dram course, they will be cast to preform in an on screen show.

-Actor's are paid a flat agreed fee or FAA rates, which must be discussed before signing up to the course.

Actors will be paid a separate agreed buy out fee.

- Buyout & buyout/repeat  rates may vary depending on the productions crews budget. If you chose to book the course then you automatically agree to whatever buyout rate the production team offers you - The production will offer you a minimum unlimited image use buyout fee of £150. 

-We have 100% confidence in our ability to match creative's with TV & media platforms that appreciate talent which aims to uplift, inspire & educate our world. 

What's involved in the Let'z Focus creative AM-Dram lesson?

In the first two creative lessons we will be discussing your creative content as we look at added ways to increase your creative talent.

Achieving creative goals
In the third and fourth lesson we look at how creative’s can achieve desired goals by applying focus to their daily routine. 

Identifying Blockage
Lesson five and six is geared towards acknowledging and admitting how our mindset can block our creative flair, limiting our creative growth.

Growing creative income to heal & bless the world
In the last two lessons we look at how the creative can grow their income in more creative ways. We will also be d
iscussing how we, as creative's can help heal and bless the world we live in with our content.

Once you have completed and passed the Let'z Focus AM-Dram course you will be put forward to preform on  a TV show within eight weeks of course completion.

Creatives will be sent the relevant documents and image release forms to sign.Once you have been featured in the show, Let'z Focus admin team will also send you a link to where you can view the show and your TV credits