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Leslie-Ann Samuel

Certified life coach, public speaker & TV host

For all public speaking and media inquires  please contact info@letzfocus.com​​

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Live The Life You Deserve 

As a certified  life coach I offer a worldwide service and aim to support my clients, helping them take control of situations they are faced with in their life ,  in areas such as relationship breakthrough, over coming fear, spiritual enrichment and work-life balance, helping clients reach a new level of happiness and new goals.

With excellent listening and questioning skills my non-judgemental approach allows my clients a safe place to start building a positive, successful, happy and abundant life.

Through coaching with me you will discover a positive and successful way to move your life forward by achieving a deeper understanding of your present situation, therefore making informed decisions about your future. 

Improve and enjoy every day  life

​Enhance positive thinking

Enhance your competitive edge
Overcome obstacles
Achieve your goals or ambitions
Change or improve your career
Increase your confidence
Move out of your comfort zone
​Get out of feeling “stuck in a rut”.

What I Offer:

One2One support & feedback
Confidentiality agreements
Tailored sessions to suit your needs
Encourage, support and motivate clients
Objectivity, subjectivity, and empowerment
Total dedication to your goals 
Qualified and professional skills
Communications - Face to Face, Telephone, Skype Calls, Face Time, Email, Social Media.

Take the first step towards living the life you truly deserve by contacting me and start living today. 

​For all public speaking and media inquires please contact info@letzfocus.com​​